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    Use Arrow Keys on Drop Down Boxes



      Use Arrow Keys on Drop Down Boxes


      Good day!

      I have several drop down fields in my database. Is there a way or a feature I've left unchecked that will enable the user to move up and down the drop down list without the mouse or typing in a part of a word? I'd love for the user to just tab through the fields and when they hit a drop down list box, use the arrow down key to select a choice, the continue to tab... I have to be missing something because I just don't see it and it seems like a feature that's seriously missing...


      Thanks again!

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          What OS platform are you using?

          Are you using a drop down list or a pop up menu?

          I use Windows 7.

          I can enter field formatted with a drop down list and when I press the up and down arrows, the highlighted value will change up or down one position in the list. I can press return to select it. I can also set up many drop down lists to auto-complete--where you type in the first letter or letters of teh value's name and the list automatically filters down to just those values that start with the letters that I entered.

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            I am using Windows 8.1. I want my drop down lists to perform the same way yours work. Seems natural it would work that way but mine aren't. When I tab into a drop down list field, the arrow up and down keys do nothing. I have to use my mouse to select something.

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              I have seen no reports here in this forum indicating that drop down lists or pop up menus behaved differently for Windows 8 users from what I see in Windows 7...

              I have tested this with drop down lists that do and do not have the "arrow" specified ad also with pop up menus. I can't tab into the field if the arrow option is specified, but once I click the arrow to deploy the list, the up and down arrows work just fine.

              Auto-complete, BTW, is a specific option that you select in the Inspector and it only works when you are selecting text to be entered into a text field--but there are ways to use this option so that you select a value by name, but still link records by an associated ID number.

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                Thanks again Phil.

                I tested my drop down lists with and without the arrow option. With the arrow, it does't drop down, you need the mouse or the auto complete feature to select an option. If I remove the arrow option, it will pop up the drop down lists. I guess I'll have to decide which is more important. Or I could use your trick with the arrow down icon to give it a similar look yet react differently.


                Thank you again.

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                  That is standard and expected behavior for the arrow feature of a drop down list in FileMaker. If you want the appearance of the drop down arrow but want the function of the "no arrow" option, you can put a graphic image on your layout next to the field that looks like your arrow. It can even be set up as a button with the go to field step to deploy the drop down list when clicked...