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Use contents of zip code field to populate county field

Question asked by JenniferRusso on Oct 31, 2014
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Use contents of zip code field to populate county field



I apologize for my newness to Filemaker and if this questions has already been answered on this forum!  Hopefully I'll be able to explain my situation:  I have a table (Person Info) with zip code field.  We'd like to capture county information based on those zip codes.

I've uploaded a zip code/county table (Zip Lookup) and have created a relationship between the Person Info and Zip Lookup tables, and set the county field to populate with the info from the Zip Lookup table.  It works like a charm when I type in the zip code.

But there are several records that already have the zip code field filled (previously completed before I made the Zip/People relationship), but the county fields remain empty.  I suspect I'll need to write a script to look up the rest of our records' zip info on that Zip Lookup table and then enter the corresponding county.

Would someone be able to help me with this?  Like I said, I'm extremely new and have very little programming experience (though I understand the gist).  And if there's another post that answers this question, let me know smiley

So many thanks!