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Use external file as values for drop down list

Question asked by jebber6685 on Jul 27, 2012
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Use external file as values for drop down list


I have a file called Projects. In this file, I have Part field for our parts that are used for that particular project / customer.

I have another filed called Parts that consists of 3 fields; Part, Part Descrtion and Price. 


I would like to create a drop down list of our parts for that Part field in the Projects file. However, I would like the values for this drop down list to come from the Parts file that is external and not related to the Project file.

Can this be done? What is the easiest way to be able to pull data from the Parts filed into the Project file? 

It looks like to do this, the files have to be related. But I do not want or know how I would relate these 2 files. Can anyone offer assistance?

Any help here would be greatly  appreciated.
I have FMPro Advanced 12 v2
OS - Windows Vista on desktop, Windows 7 on laptop