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    Use FileMaker as pdf repository?????



      Use FileMaker as pdf repository?????


      I need to make a database that can scan in documents or/and save pdf docs into the database and then be able to recal them and show them. I need to be able to make my own unique identifier for the docs folders.
      Bascially I need to be able to have a database of folders that hold the pdf docs inside the folders. I need to be able to give a unique id to each of the folders.

      Can I do this in FileMaker and if so can you point me to any tutrials on how to do this?

      Thank You


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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro does not have any scanning capabilities.  However, you can place scanned documents and PDF files into a database.  You can also reference those documents and PDF files, so that when you double-click the document or PDF file, it will open in its native application.


          If you save the file as a reference, then be careful, because if you move the file to a different folder, FileMaker Pro will lose that reference.


          Follow these steps:


          1. Open your database file.


          2. Pull down the File menu and select "Manage -> Database..."


          3. Click on the Fields tab (if not already selected)


          4. Create a field named "File" and select the field type as Container.


          5. Click OK, and go to Browse Mode (from the View menu).


          6. Put your cursor in the field "File", pull down the Insert menu and select "File..."


          7. Find one of the scanned images or PDF files you want to display and click "Open".  The information will now display in the "File" field.


          8. With "File" still selected, press the delete key to remove the image.


          9. Pull down the Insert menu and select "File..."


          10. Find the same file from step 7 above, and at the bottom of the dialog box, check the option "Store only a reference to the file".  Then, click Open.


          11. You now see a file icon in the "File" field.  If you now double-click the icon, the inserted image/PDF will open in its native format.


          This should give you a good start.  If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



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