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Use Found Count in Calculation

Question asked by sccardais on Mar 17, 2014
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Use Found Count in Calculation


     I would like to display a % calculated value in a subsummary report based a summary field in the layout and the found count of a related table.

     The sub summary report is "Ranking of Issues" It is based on the table Join_Issues_Mentioned.

     The numerator is a summary field "Summary_Count_Issues" which counts "Issues Mentioned" in the Join_Issues_Mentioned table.

     For each row in the sub summary report, I want to divide the count by the Found Count of records in a related table, "Surveys."

     Count of Issues Mentioned by the found count of records in a related table - Surveys

     This is a rough summary of the steps I think are needed.

  1.           Go to Surveys layout that includes a portal showing Issues Mentioned from the Join_Issues_Mentioned table
  3.           Enter Find Mode
  5.           Go the field "Issues Mentioned" in the first portal row.
  7.           Enter an asterisk to find only those surveys that have at least one issue assigned.
  9.           Perform Find
  11.           Get the found count
  13.           Store the found count
  15.           Go to Layout "Ranking of Issues" which is based on the Join_Issues_Mentioned
  17.           Use the Found Count to calculate and display the % each issue represents of the Surveys that have at least one Issue assigned.
  •           Note: The Count is a summary field in Join_issues_Mentioned = Count of Issues Mentioned.

     So far, I have not been able to make this work. 

     Hopefully, the attached screenshot will clarify this. Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do? Should I be using a global field or a variable? The screenshot shows part of the layout and the % shown is forced just to illustrate what I'm looking for.