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Use name of button in script with Get (ActiveLayoutObjectName)

Question asked by WillPeart on Apr 11, 2012
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Use name of button in script with Get (ActiveLayoutObjectName)


I am trying to use the object-name of a button in a Quickfind script that runs when you press that button (I have about 30 named buttons and trying to avoid entering a different script for each, would rather have one script with button-name as the variable).

This is a similar problem to dob85y, see previous thread -

I have tried using Get (ActiveLayoutObjectName) as a function in the script but that doesn’t work because, as was pointed out in the above thread, clicking a button does not put it in focus on the layout.

It was suggested to pass “the button's object name as a parameter because you must be using the same script with different buttons.” I could only understand this to mean using Get (ActiveLAyoutObjectName) as a calulated parameter... but this raises the same problem as trying to use it directly in a script.