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Use of CASE function with LIST function

Question asked by evanscl on Mar 28, 2014
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Use of CASE function with LIST function


     I am trying to use the LIST function to list items in 5 different field, but using an embedded CASE function. However, the result I get is a "?" (question mark). How can I revise the calculation to list the results of the CASE function?

Pt_Treatment_General =
List ( 
Case (
Pt_Treatment_Antibiotic_YesNoUnknown = "Yes" ; "Antibiotic";  
Pt_Treatment_NSAID_YesNoUnknown = "Yes" ; "NSAID"; 
Pt_Treatment_SedationAnxiety_YesNoUnknown= "Yes" ; "Sedation/Anxiety Relief"; 
Pt_Treatment_Steroid_YesNoUnknown = "Yes" ; "Steroid"; 
Pt_Treatment_SupportiveCare_YesNoUnknown = "Yes" ; "Supportive Care")