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Use of Filemaker for Questionnaires, Scoring?

Question asked by aliemck on Oct 29, 2009
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Use of Filemaker for Questionnaires, Scoring?




I'm a student researcher in a lab doing fMRI and behavioral studies on patients with various cognitive disorders.  Our project requires subjects to complete about 20 different questionnaires and surveys related to behavior, demographics, and personality.  We are trying to set up an online database that would allow our patients to fill these questionnaires out on a computer, store the data online, and complete some automatic calculations based on that data (e.g.. summation of responses, calculating a "score" based on the numerical answers given).  Currently our process is to have subjects complete the questionnaires by hand, the have them scored by hand by researchers, who then enter the data into an excel spreadsheet.  We'd like to remove the human element from the scoring process, to cut down on mistakes and discrepancies.  


Is there a way we can do this?  I'm assuming that it would be possible to set up these questionnaires relatively easily, where the subjects are presented with the questions and given a choice of numerical answers to submit into the given field.  My question is whether or not it's possible to set up a sort of "database within a database" - we'd like to have a database of all of the subjects, where we can then select individual subjects and view their responses to each questionnaire.  We'd also like to be able to score within each individual patient's questionnaire responses, as well as make calculations (e.g.. average, maximum, minimum) regarding the overall scores of the subject pool.  


I apologize if my question is pretty general; I realize that there is probably a fairly simple way of doing this, but starting with a database from scratch is really difficult, especially for a college student who doesn't know anything about computers, let alone creating entire databases!  The tutorial for Filemaker is really angled towards the business side of things, and doesn't really seem to be helping me figure out how to go about solving my personal problem.


Any help that you can provide would be hugely appreciated!  If we can get this set up, it will make life much easier and the questionnaire results will be far more valuable in regards to our overall project.  Thanks so much!