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Use of get(RecordOpenState) in conditional formatting

Question asked by dzittin on Oct 25, 2014


Use of get(RecordOpenState) in conditional formatting


I have form displaying some record fields. There are sometimes more than one. 

What I want to do is change the color of the fields as a record takes on focus. Ideally, a rectangle, behind the fields would be best, but I can settle on changing each field display panel.

I have tried using the conditional: "get(RecordOpenState) > 0" to change the fill color of the record's displayed field when a modification has occurred to no avail. Examining the output of get(RecordOpenState) I find that it indeed changes (to 2) when I modify a field, but there is no change to the fill color using this conditional for dynamic format changes.

What's up? Is there a better way to do this?