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use of portal with a conditional value list

Question asked by RachelG on Feb 24, 2012
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use of portal with a conditional value list



Attached is a screen shot of the relevant tables to hopefully make my question easier to understand.

For data entry purposes I want to do a portal for the table Ttn. However, the Orgnztn_Srvc_ID_fk is not a field that will make sense to users when attempting to enter information. Instead I would like to have the column Srvc_ID appear (to be used with a value list) that restricts the list to only the applicable services offered by this organization (previously entered in a separate tab). Users could then select one of the services from the popup and enter tuition information. There will be instances of multiple tuition entries per service.

Do I need to add the Srvc_ID_fk to my Ttn table to do this? And how would I create my conditional drop down list of services based on responses from data entry?

Thanks so much for any time spent on this.