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Use the same global value in more than one table?

Question asked by carlsson_1 on Jan 18, 2012


Use the same global value in more than one table?


Server client solution, Windows 7 cilents, Macintosh Server, FM 11.


I am currently developing a multi-language solution. I am using a global field to store the currently choosed langugage ID. 

The problem arise when you switch between different tables. Since Fiemaker doesn't allow relationships from other tables than the current one, I need the global Language ID in all tables that I need more languages in (to relate to the current Language)


So, how do you solve this the easiest way? Let's say I store the choosen Language ID in the field xLanguage ID in the table System. Ie; System::xLanguage ID

My solutions are:

- Calculated field with global storage, that recurs System:xLanguage ID. Is this a good solution? I have hade some problems with loosing information in calulation fields that use Global storage (haven't tried it in a while though).

- Have one instance of the field xLanguage ID in all tables that needs to use it. Problem is that every time you change language you also need to change all fields. This can be solved with script triggers but demands more control.

- Any other solutions?


How do you do this? Any input appreciated!