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    User Account layout/Admin panel info???



      User Account layout/Admin panel info???


      Does anyone know where I can get some information on making a user account layout?  I want to build a layout where you can add and remove user accounts and change passwords and priviladges. 

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          Define fields for account name, password, password confirm and privilege set. Format the privilege set field with a drop down list of privilege set names.

          Then add buttons that run scripts built from steps in the accounts set of script steps to make the account changes you want to perform from this layout. If a user needs to use this layout who does not have a full access privilege set, select "run with full access privileges for each of these scripts.

          Note, you cannot created or edit the settings specified for a privilege set from such a layout. Those changes must be made from Manage | Security and from a Full Access account.

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            Ok, I made a table called admin console.  I have a layout with the fields you specified.  In The dropdown list I made a value list with the privilege set names I will be using.   I still need to go to manage security and create a few more, but I will get to that.  When I'm creating the scripts from the accont set of scripts and specifying the the fields to point at my account name and password field, it is saying calculation result must be Test, Can you explain this to me, Or do I just select the field and that's it, or do I need to write in a caculation?

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              Fields must be of type text. Field data types are specified in Manage | Database | fields.

              Might you have specified a field of type number instead of text?

              Can't suggest more than that without knowing what you want the script to do. Create a new account? Change the password of an existing account? Change the privilege set?