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User Account Persists After File is Closed

Question asked by johnhorner on Mar 12, 2012
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User Account Persists After File is Closed


i am encountering a strange issue.  i am using fm pro adv 11 and i have a solution which incorporates the data separation model.  the user interface is set to open using a default anonymous user with a privilege set allowing the bare minimum for the user to execute a scripted login with their own account name and password.  this all works fine.  the issue i am having is that even when all the windows are closed (the only way i know to check this is to look at the windows menu and see that there are no windows listed... is there a better way?) and the file is, therefore, presumably closed, if the file is re-opened, it no longer logs in using the "login" account specified in file options, but opens using the previous user's account.  the workaround is to quit filemaker altogether and re-launch, but i would like to avoid this if possible.  is there a way to "clear" or "deactivate" the previous user's account?