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    User Accounts Not Working Correctly



      User Accounts Not Working Correctly


      I have a database on the server, and want to give Data Entry Access only to my users. I tried setting up a test account with this access level in my name. However, when I try to open the database from the server using this account, I get the error below.  Using the "local" authentication as we are not set up to authenticate to an external server. I tried creating a 2nd full-privilege account, then changing my Admin account to Data Entry privileges, and I got the same error.  I also completely quit FileMaker client on my local machine, relaunched it and still got the error when trying to open the database with the more-restrictive account. Any ideas? Do I have to create accounts for them in related DBs that this one connects to? Thanks!


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          The problem with the above error is that you can't tell when it popped up. You might, for example, have a start up script that attempts to modify data in a table for which the user does not have write privileges--maybe a global field? and then you'd get that error. If you have advanced, you can launch FileMaker Advanced, enable the script debugger and then open the file in order to watch any such script run and see which step trips this error message. You may find that you need to allow write access to a utility table and deny write access to all other tables in the file.

          Yes, you do need to set up identical credentials in each file that the current file connects to. This is a strong argument for keeping the total number of files to your solution to a minimum as managing credentials in a multi-file system is a major headache. There are also ways to set up a script to manage account changes such that you can use a script to create or change accounts identically in a set of files by performing a script to do this in each file. (but unfortunately, this scripted approach cannot be used for externally authenticated accounts. angry)