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User Accounts Not Working Correctly

Question asked by ScottKeck on Aug 12, 2015
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User Accounts Not Working Correctly


I have a database on the server, and want to give Data Entry Access only to my users. I tried setting up a test account with this access level in my name. However, when I try to open the database from the server using this account, I get the error below.  Using the "local" authentication as we are not set up to authenticate to an external server. I tried creating a 2nd full-privilege account, then changing my Admin account to Data Entry privileges, and I got the same error.  I also completely quit FileMaker client on my local machine, relaunched it and still got the error when trying to open the database with the more-restrictive account. Any ideas? Do I have to create accounts for them in related DBs that this one connects to? Thanks!