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    user allowed to customize



      user allowed to customize


      FM 9 pro adv. a button is created on a layout, just grey in color to run a script, the application is compiled, the user should be able to change the color of the button and insert text, nothing else. In genral what would be the best approch to accomplish this. Thanks

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          "the application is compiled" What do you mean by that? Is this a runtime system created by filemaker advanced?


          Do you want the user to be able to choose any color and any text or would they select from a list of options?

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            Yes a runtime solution, and the end user to choose any color and any text for the comand button from find. any ideas?

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              Not from find--why do you want that? Can you give an example of what you want to have happen here?


              You can set up a button so that its text can be modified to any text desired, you simply group a global text field with the button and enter text into this field. (You use a separate copy of this text field in order to edit the contents or popup a custom dialog and connect the input field to this global field).


              For enabling the user to specify any color, that's a bit more problematic. You can store colored rectangles into global container fields, so it can be done, but for a run time, you'd be relying on a separate application--such as windows paint to create the colored rectangle to insert into the container field in the first place.


              The alternative is to specify a long series of fill color conditional formats that all check the contents of a given global field in order to specify a fill color. For more than 4 or 5 colors, that get's pretty tedious to set up though.