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    User cannot edit layou



      User cannot edit layou




      We are running an FM-app on a FM11-server.

      The users access this app using FM11 which has been installed with the option AI_NONEWDATABASES=1 (thus preventing the creation of new db's).


      Users are authenticated through ActiveDirectory. We have a group called "appname_admin" which has all rights enabled (edit all records in all tables, edit all layouts, edit valuelists,...). The group is listed first, so there is no conflict possible with a lower ranked group with less privileges.

      Nevertheless this admin-user is unable to edit layouts, or value-lists.


      Has this something to do with enabled installation-options on the client-side or do we miss something ?

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          I may be mistaken, but the database is open and being shared by a server.

          The database is locked in several fashions.

          You can not change the structure unless the database is closed.

          You may not change the structure even with admin permissions from a remote computer.

          There are basic security measures to prevent data corruption.

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            I agree that it's generally a bad idea to make structural changes to your database while it is "live". Editing a table's schema, for example, can result in locking the table when other users or scripts are attempting to modify data in the table and that can get ugly real fast.


            However, I can easily do so if I open the hosted database with a full access password. I don't use active directory and haven't tried such an install option as described, so that may be the cause of the problem here, but modifying a hosted file's design can be done. I sometimes do that after hours when there are no users connected to the file.


            Layout modification, on the other hand, is pretty safe though an unexpected change in layout appearance/behavior might confuse your users.