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user created table

Question asked by DarrenCampan on Nov 12, 2013
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user created table


     Is it possible to create the fields of a table from user defined values?

     I am trying to develop a database solution for creating a microphone plot for a theatre/musical show, I will create a new file for every show as they differ too much to be 1 database.

     I have a table that has a 'character' field and then i want the other fields to be the Act/Scene number i.e. 'A1S1, A1S2, A1S3......A2S1, A2S2.... ect. This I intend on showing as a list allowing quick editing of which character is in which scene.

     My question is as each play or show has a different number of Acts & Scenes is there a way for the user to define the amount of fields and their name for the table without having to edit the table directly? Maybe by creating a list or selecting the amount in a field? Or am i going about this in the wrong way?

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.