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    User created text on fields...



      User created text on fields...


      I have a solution that is multi-tenant, I need a way to be able to have fields have different labels for each organization.  For example, Org 1 may want the field 1 to have a label of "How Many items needed", Org 2 may use the field completely different and want a label of "who was the last president".  

      Is there a way to do this so that each organization can label their own fields?  More importantly, I would need to report on the data, so how would I do that for each Org?



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          You can use one text field to serve as the label for another. You can put that field in a related "preferences" table that links to all records in the table where you have the field where you need this labeling so that you need only set up one record with these labeling fields and then all layouts that refer to the data fields can also refer to these "label" fields.