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    User Currency Selection



      User Currency Selection



           My app will be available to all English speaking countries.

           However I can't see a way to change the currency symbol by script.

           Is there a method to do this? I don't recall if I had to set it initially (at installion of Filemaker). It may well be read at intallation or first start from the OS regional setting or it could have been simly "$" default.

           Any ideas how I can approach this. I't would rather not have to ship a country specific version if possible.





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               There are settings on the text tab of File Options that deal with the current computer's locality settings, but I don't think that affects what currency symbol is used. You shouldn't need multiple copies of your solution, but you may want to have more than one copy of some of your layouts with a preferences setting that controls which set are in use.

               You might also see which layouts can be set up with calculation fields that apply the currency formatting instead of using Data Formatting from the Inspector's data tab.

               But check out the settings in File Options first to see if it is turly necessary to do this.

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                 Thanks Phil,


                 I gave some more thought to the matter and I may be better off to treat transactional currency fields as plain, non-symboled decimal fields and display the appropriate currency symbol in the total label (selected labels will be fields). This will also free up a few precious pixels per portal row. I may even choose not to fix display at 2 decimal places, unless it looks too alien.

                 10 Widgets @ 25.00 = 250.00

                 20 Thingies @ 10.00 = 200.00

                                   Total USD$    450.00



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                   Good job Peter!yes

                   I have done the same, plus added a an option for clients to change to various currency within the DB.  I have added a table of Currencies with a conversion factor TO USD$.  In all my calculation I add a simple multiplier from that Table and know the symbol and last date of conversion.


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                     When I saw this one pop up, I thought over what I had posted and realized that this was likely the best option to use. Nice to see great minds think a like here. wink

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                       I am concerned that an invoice field for a record can only be in one currency. Is there a way that a currency field can be in different currencies depending on the country or country code? I would think it is clumsy to have different fields for each currency.

                       Can I have something like: if country is Germany use Euro and country is USA use dollar on the same field? Using one currency and converting it to the other on demand is not the trick because prices may not be different just by a multiplication with a constant. 

                       Some directions would help, thanks.


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                         Hello Mark,

                         My app is designed to work in one currency at a time. The user inputs the currency symbol into a global "currency" field, which is then displayed as required throughot the system. It could be easily setup for a limited number of currencies using a CASE calculation.

                         E.g. Currency_Symbol calculation

                         Case(GlobalTable::Country = "USA" ;"$"; Country = "Germany"; "Euro Symbol" ... and so on.

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                           Thanks Peter for the prompt reply. Please understand that I just joined this community and do not know about your app. Where can I found out more about that please? Are you a developer?

                           Thanks for your reply.


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                             Hi Mark,

                             It's in developement and will not be released for about another six months, alas.