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User defined script not working.

Question asked by CarrieB. on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2010 by johnhorner


User defined script not working.


I have a button that I only want a couple of people to have access to pushing. In another table, I had the same issue and created the script to first [Get (PrivilegeSetName)] and it worked great. I tried the same thing in another database and it won't work. It works for me, as the full access user, but not for the other privilege set, that is not full access. The only difference with this one, is that the action is deleting a portal row. I've tried making the script run with full access privileges, but that didn't work either. Could it be related to the fact that it is deleting a portal row? 


I truly appreciate all the help everyone gives here in this forum! I'm lost without you!! =)