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User Defined Variable.... I think

Question asked by GregSmith_1 on Sep 12, 2013
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User Defined Variable.... I think


     All --


     I've searched the forums and I'm coming up short, so I'm hoping that I'm just missing something simple.

     I have a "2 part" script where I'm sorting customers. Part #1 works just fine.... now I want to add in a step where the user/client can add in a variable ( ie. customers that have spent less than $500.00) I've "hard coded" this and it works just great, my problem is getting the user defined variable to happen.

     I just want to open a simple custom dialog box so they can enter the amount and have the script proceed when they submit, I just can't figure out getting the variable into the script.

     Currently: Perform Find > Find Records >Customers::Total Invoices Paid ≥500 - can't seem to figure out how to make that 500 a variable.

     Can anyone assist??