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    User Feedback upon sending SMTP mail via script



      User Feedback upon sending SMTP mail via script


      I'd like to add a message to inform the FM10 user that SMTP sending completed successfully or not.  My 'Send SMTP' is done within a script.  Currently, the only indication the user gets when executing this script is when the sending process is unsuccessful.  Curiously, the option for a dialog is greyed-out when SMTP mail is chosen.

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          Hey rsmcomputer.


          I have actually been looking for the same thing. I have created a work around. 


          Please dont use this as a permanent soulution, but if you have couple of factors in order 


          1. All your settings are done correctly. (serverport, outgoing smtp port , username and password, email adress)

          2. internet is connected.


          your mail will 99,5% of the time be sent.


          So I just created a custom dialog box that said message sent.


          I know is not the correct way, but if your factors are correct this will give the user a safer feeling of the message beening sent.


          If you want to go into more details, I just learned. Just in the very moment i write this message. 

          I just looked up in help in filemaker pro advanced.

          If you add an calculation Get (last error) look at the following error messages then you can create your result


          1501 SMTP authentication failed 

          1502 Connection refused by SMTP server 

          1503 Error with SSL 

          1504 SMTP server requires the connection to be encrypted 

          1505 Specified authentication is not supported by SMTP server 

          1506 Email(s) could not be sent successfully 

          1507 Unable to log in to the SMTP server 


          I hope that helps 


          PS: I just seached for SMTP in help. 


          Kind Regards





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            Thanks for leading me to the right solution.  I created a script with an If statement that cycled thru all of the SMTP errors, and if none apply, will generate a Custom Message stating that the message was sent successfully.