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    User Input



      User Input



           I'm trying to get user input but it seems impossible

           I want to make a button that opens a dialogbox asking the user for a date (this date isn't related to a field so the value goes into a variable)

           When the user admits a date i can use the variable to filter a layout.

           Is that possible without extensive complicated scripting



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               Yes, but all data entry from a user must be entered into a field, not a variable. If you want to put it in a variable, use set variable to copy the value of the field into the variable. You can define a field with global storage for this purpose if you want.

               Show Custom Dialog ["Please enter a date" ] --->Specify Globals::gDate as the input fields
               Set Variable [$YourVariable ; value: Globals::gDate ]

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                 Okay - I have to create a table with fields just to accomodate the input from users

                 Not very smooth

                 And why is there only 3 answer options in a dialogbox that should be dynamic

                 But anyway - thanks for quick answer :-)



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                   You can always set up a 'data entry' layout with more than three fields, script it to open for users to input search criteria for example

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                     Once your needs move beyond the simplistic options of Show Custom Dialog, you use New Window or a Popover  instead. Then your dialog is based on a layout you design for that window/popover frame and it can have any features that you choose to build into it--value lists, script triggers, and as many buttons as you need.