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User input data as search criteria

Question asked by RowlandPentyGeraets on Jul 10, 2014
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User input data as search criteria




     I am very new to filemaker so i apologise if the solution to this question is simple.


     I am trying to create a dialogue box which prompts the user for a number of days, i.e. 30, and then performs a find which returns any records which have a value of less than 30 in the field "time remaining".

     Using old posts on this forum I have been able to return records where "time remaining" = 30, but not "time remaining" < 30. This is what I have:



     Enter find mode []

     Show custom diaglog["search for upcoming actions....      ]

     If[ Get( LastMessageChoice) = 1 ]

     Perform Find []

     End If



     The way this is done, there doesn't seem to be a suitable place to insert a < operator.


     Any help would be much appreciated