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    User inputs to dialogs



      User inputs to dialogs


      Hello Wizards,

      I am used to dialogs returning variables, rather than direct field input, patricularly before the decision to create a new record has been considered.

      Can you please steer me to best practice in this regard within FM?


      Thanks again for the great support.

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          Collect the user input in a global field.  Convert it into a variable then if you want.  Otherwise you can treat it as having all of the characteristics of the variable you wanted.

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            And if you are using FileMaker 11 or earlier, keep in mind that button 1 is the only button that commits user input in input fields.

            Also, there are many times when show custom dialog just doesn't cut it as a dialog for getting user input. In such situations, it is possible to use new window to open up a window for input that includes all your typical layout features--including value lists and graphic elements.