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user login records

Question asked by tomo17 on Sep 11, 2012
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user login records


     i have a database that we are testing with the plan to have accessible through FM server.  I have been trying to figure out a way to create a log of who and when users access the file.  I know that i can have a field that logs the user name that modified  a record but what is the best way to create a summary report of user access.

     I am after two types of information on possibly two layouts

     Layout 1 - a list of all user logins

              user x 21/5/12 09.15

              user y 20/5/12 15.15

              user x 19/5/12  13.15

              user z 19/5/12  13.10

     Layout 2 - a list of the users and their last login


              user x 21/5/12 09.15

              user y 20/5/12 15.15

              user z 19/5/12 13.10

              user a - no login


     Many thanks for any suggestions