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    User Manual Recommendation Request



      User Manual Recommendation Request


      I have been tasked with using FMP 11 to set up a contact management file. I have a grand total time with using FMP 11 of 1 month during which I've taken both Lynda.com courses, the hands-on tutorial that came w/ the program and most of the hands-on exercises in Ray Cologon's book for FMP 10 (from the library). 

      I need to buy my own reference manual/book but I need recommendations re: THE best book to purchase. Anyone?

      P.S. I'm OK on PC's and have brand new everything (hardware/software) for this project but I'm a relational database rookie unless you count MS Works database component relevant experience - I knew that program very well.

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          THE best book depends on your personal skill set when it comes to working with computers, relational databases and FileMaker. You may want to search out titles in a site like Amazon and check out the reader reviews to get a better idea as to which is most appropriate for you.

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            Like Phil mentioned, it's a preference that depends on your level of understanding. 

            But I can give a great recommendation - http://www.fmptraining.com/

            Jerry Robin is an amazing presentor and teacher.  I've taken some of his classes in the past and have helped a great deal. 

            If you're looking specifically for a physical book, then this won't help you much.  But it you wanted good overall training, this would be a great resources.