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      User Name



      This maybe easy but I can not figure it out. Is there a way to get the user of the computer. I tried using "GET (UserName)" That results turns up "Craig Fiore" What I need is the user as seen in the file path, ie "craigfiore"



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          There are user names and there are account names.

          Get ( UserName ) returns the user name entered in Edit | Preferences.

          Get ( AccountName ) returns the account name defined in Manage | Security and used to log in to the database.

          If you want craigfiore instead of Craig Fiore returned by Get ( UserName ), you can pull down the Edit menu, select Preferences and change CraigFiore into craigfiore. Just be aware that if you have a password set on your file, this change will result in filemaker entering this new User name as the default Account name in the password log in dialog.

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            That worked on my testing file. But it would not work when I transferred it to my main database. We have a FMP file on our server and we all share it. There are only three of us. I created field name User Name and it was "GET (UserName)". Shouldn't this field be different on all our computers. Mine should be CraigFiore and the other guy should be TomSmith etc.

            But it does not. It puts "Craig Fiore" on all the computers. Notice the space between my name here and no space on the above.

            What could cause this?



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              Every user has their own preference settings on their system user account. You'll need to check this on each machine where you use FileMaker. I suspect account name may work better for you than user name if the same user needs to log on to FileMaker on more than one work station.

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                I may have to work on that way of doing it. I still dont understand why all three computers have the same user names in this one FMP file.

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                  If all three computers have the same user name, then that user name was entered in preferences on all three computers or this same user name was specified during installation. Note that if you log into your computer (not filemaker), as a different user, you'll get a different set of preferences--including the user name.

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                    All the computers have different user names. This is why Im confused. Also, I have a field that has "GET(NumberofUsers)" and it is showing 2 when there is only one person logged in.

                    Does it matter if we are using a Mac Mini server and opening the file via Remote?

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                      A calculation field using Get (UserName) or Get ( NumberofUsers) should be an unstored field. If they are stored, they won't update correctly.

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                        That was it!! Thank you