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    User Override Notification



      User Override Notification


      I have a field on my database that is set to validate for Unique Value. It brings up the validation pop-up if it's not unique, but still allows the user to override and create a potential duplicate file. Is there a way to send a notification to a different account, like the managerial acct say, whenever an override of this nature occurs? Or to maybe flag the file somehow so that the manager can see that it's a potential duplicate? 

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           Why not simply uncheck the box: Allow user to override... ?

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            Because I WANT them to be able to override it. Sometimes there is information (like a name) that is the same but isn't actually the same acct, but I want someone to be alerted when there is an override so that they can do a double check to make sure that it is not a duplicate.

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              Raybaudi asked a valid question. If he hadn't asked it first, I would have asked the same.

              What form do you want that alert to take? As Raybaudi has already suggested an additional field can be set up to flag the new record as containing a duplicate value. A find can then pull up all such flagged records for review and the flagging values can be cleared as the person doing the double checking validates the data entry so that the record will not pop up the next time this same find is performed.

              Will this do what you want? If not please explain in more detail what you have in mind.

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                This will do what I want if I can figure out how to do it. What I would like, ideally, is for something to be automated when the "Okay" button is clicked in the override message. Either a checkbox to be marked, or an email to be sent to someone alerting them of the occurence. That's the part I can't figure out, is how to attach a function or script or something to that option in that particular pop-up message. Is there a way?

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                  The same data entry that triggers the warning message can produce an auto-entered value in a different field to flag it as a record that needs verification. The timing and function for that approach should be identical to what you describe for having it happen when you click the OK button. If the user reverts the data entry and corrects the error, this flag can also clear.

                  What you describe with an email can't be linked to the Mouse Click of that specific button. You can use the OnObjectValidation script trigger to trigger a script of your own creation that uses Show Custom Dialog to pop up the warning message and then uses send mail to send out the email to a designated recipient. This takes quite a bit more effort to set up but also produces the most user friendly and responsive interface possible for handling this issue.