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User Record Viewing via Priviledge Set Calculation Help Needed

Question asked by xxx202xxx on May 15, 2011
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User Record Viewing via Priviledge Set Calculation Help Needed


I have a Layout call "Service" that pulls data from 3 tables (Contact, Service mgmt and Asset).  I have Privilege Sets for "specific-users" to open the DB and automatically get sent to the "Service_Layout".  I want these "specific-users" to only view records that pertain to them.  The custom privilege set window I have set to Service::Contact = Get (AccountName) but when I log onto the system as a "specific-user" I get all of the Records but only the records that pertain to the "specific-user" is visable, all other records say NO_Access which is cool, but. . . .

I only want the user to see their records only, so if out of 95 records, 6 are theirs then I only want them to see 6 records not 95 with 89 being records with no access and their 6 sprinkled throughout.

I have tried to create a script so when the specific-user opens the db it would perform a find for their records based on their service mgmt::Contact information but I can't seem to get the script to run correctly.


go to layout["service"(service mgmt)]

perform find[]   'under perform find I have the criteria set to service mgmt::contact = Get(AccountName)

Please help.