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User selected report fields

Question asked by Bonnerbl on Jun 8, 2010
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User selected report fields


I have a report layout with six column headings and six associated fields (column1 thru column6, and field1 thru field6). And, each of the column headings has an associate value list. I want the user to be able to decide what information will appear in each column of the report. The user does this by selecting a value in each of the column headings.


So my script steps should say something like if the value in column header 1 is "Account Number" then put the field name for account number in field 1. If the value in column header 2 is "Balance" then put the field name for the customer's balance in field 2.


I tried

Set Field By Name [Customer::field1; If (Customer::column1="Account Number";Customer::Account;"")]

and also

Set Field [Customer::field1; If (Customer::column1="Account Number";Customer::Account;"")]


I think I am missing some basic understanding of how to change dynamically the field names in the body of a report.