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    User's priviliges



      User's priviliges


      Hello. I need advise on how to have several ´Data Entry Only´ users see only their own records. so John can´t see Peter´s records and vice versa although they both are typing into the same database and on the same screen. I´ve tried several approaches using script triggers but some how the scripting is not 100% safe.

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          Just to clarify, your users are logged in on separate machines on the same database?  If you have to different users sitting at the same terminal, you'll never accomplish this-unless each user logs out before the other logs in.

          Each user should have their own account.  Many accounts can have the same privilege sets.  You can then filter the records (even tables, layouts, scripts, fields) by account. 

          You'll have to check all your scripts to make sure running scripts wont give users access to other users records.  You may also have to lock down the tool bar, and use custom menus for the different accounts. 

          (Borrowed from another thread by PhilModJunk) If you want keep users from seeing and/or editing records they did not create, See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a description of how to set this up.

          This thread may help:

          Filtering/Showing Records Based on logged-in User?

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            User are on an n house network, right. Thank you for your time and advise. i will check on the thread.

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              Hello. I read Phil's thread and that works for a Find. what about when John is on his record, does a SHOW ALL and then scrolls to the next record that isn't his.How can I stop that from happening.If I  script trigger any field in the record with the Find script mentioned by Phil, I do get John's records only, fine, but he can use CONTROL J to show all records even if the tool bar is hidden.  

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                Hello, Steve. I script triggered the layout to "On record Load" and it did it, Only records belonging to the current user can be scrolled. Thank you again

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                  OnLayoutEnter might be a better option as you'd be performing a find every time you change current record with "OnRecordLoad".

                  With FileMaker Advanced, you can remove the "show All" and "show omitted" options from the menu or replace them with actions that perform scripts that show all permitted records or show all permitted/omitted records.

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                    You are right. removing the show all could be also a way , although CONTROL J command remains as an option to show all records. I solved the issue by script triggering the layout "On record Load" by checking on the creator's field and reverting to current user's records if current record does not match user with creator . Now I only get the current user's records.Thank you for the insight.