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User-friendly item pickup

Question asked by AntonChuykin on Jan 22, 2015
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User-friendly item pickup


Hello everybody,

I have to deal with quite complicated items, that are made of 7 parameters: type of wood, thickness, grade, length, width, glue type and surface, so item code looks like, ex.: BR.12.BBBB.1525.1525.I.2 (i don't use "." in my code, it is for you to better understand). I used a table for item lists, but for better convenience i made separate tables for each parameter and use value lists for both validation and convenience. Item code is simple calculation with "&" parameter to gather them together. This worked good for me on stage of adding items. But if you can suggest smth easier - i'd love to know as well.

But now I'm stuck on a stage when i need to help my users to pick up this items from library and make orders easier. Every order may content up to 15 items and each item has different volume and price. So, in order to save as much time as I can, here is what i think of:

Specs to be done within portal row. User might enter items code or press ITEM BROWSER button, that will open a new window with 7 column for every parameter. User will pick certain parameters (or even multiple parameters, like thickness) and press ADD button and item (or items) will be added to a portal row. I attach a draw how I think it should look like. On my example user choose 2 different parameters under thicknesses, so system should add 2 lines in the portal row. However, i should limit this multiple choice only for thickness. 

There is another condition I need, so this "buttons" on item browser menu will be added as i add new parameters (but they are limited), so i don't need to adjust this menu manually. 

I'm so stuck now, so i don't even understand where should i start from. Would you please give smth? Thank you in advance