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      Is the FileMaker username that is set under the Edit->Preferences tab stored in an .INI file anywhere per user? or is that set per machine?

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          Nevermind I found where this information is stored, it's a registry key:


          HKCU\Software\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro\10.0A\Preferences



          User Name


          That's where mine is, and as you can see it's per user  :)

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            on windows it is stored as a registry value.(careful, playing with the registry can be dangerous but it is possible to set it with an OS script)


            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro\(VersionNumber)\Preferences\User Name\


            (one value per user)

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                 Yea my problem is that I have FileMaker Pro hosted on a Citrix Server with many users connecting to it and running the client, it's not possible for me to tell which user is signed on via the filemaker server console because they all have the same username. I thought I would create a script to assign the current username environment variable to the filemaker username registry key...just have to figure out if I can pass variables into a .reg file I guess...or how to go about doing that.
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                   Try identifying them with Get (AccountName)--assuming each user had a unique account name assigned in Access Privileges.
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                     That's the whole issue, this database was setup with it's own custom login system and does not user filemaker's. The database was orginally FileMaker Ver 6 I believe, and during the upgrade to Ver 10 is when this whole issue came into play.
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                    If anyone else is interested on how I fixed this issue, here's what I did:


                    Created a windows batch file:




                    reg add "HKCU\Software\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro\10.0\Preferences" /v "User Name" /d %username% /f




                    reg add

                    This is used in windows to add a registry key to the registry, run reg add /? from the command prompt for more information


                    "HKCU\Software\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro\10.0\Preferences"

                    This is the location of the registry key for FileMaker Pro V 10 Preferences (Depending on your version this may need to be changed)

                    /v "User Name"

                    This tells "reg add" to name the new registry key "User Name" ( see the reg add /? for more information)

                    /d %username%

                    /d is the switch to specify what data to set the key to, I'm setting it to %username% which is the windows environment variable for the current loggeed in user


                    Because the "User Name" key will more then likely already exist, reg add is going to ask you if you want to overwrite it. This forces the over write without prompting.



                    Then I set this script/batch file as a logon script in group policy mangement for the user. So now once my users log in to the Citrix Server, they're registry will be updated and FileMaker will now show the correct User Name!