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    Username and Password Limited Access



      Username and Password Limited Access



      I created a solution i want to start selling but I dont want anyone to have access to editing the layout, scripts, etc.

      I created a username that have access to everything except modifing the layout or scripts.  Doing this restricts adding username and passcode in the security section.


      Is there another way that a limited admin can issue username and passcode to a solution?

      Before i started using Filemaker I was using MYSQL and the only thing I had to do was create a user table with the fields Username and Passcode.  Can this be done in Filemaker as well.



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          You could, but it's not necessary and storing the passwords in such a table is an avoidable security risk.

          You can use the scripts listed under Accounts in the script editor to manage security accounts. In order for these scripts to work with a user that does not have full access, you can select the "run with full access privileges" option for these scripts.

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            I am not sure how the account script works without adding username and passcode fields.


            I tried using the script but it wont let you leave it blank and when I add a username and passcode then use a button to access the script it says the name is taken.  But when I added a user table and used fields username and passcode it worked fine.


            How do you use the account script when trying to add new uaers without having a user table?



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              I didn't say to not have accounts and password fields. I indicated that you do not need to store the passwords. You can and probably should build a table of account names with info in other fields about each user's account. Use a global field for your passwords and clear this field when you are done.

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                Or if compiling to a runtime, simply follow this route:

                1. save a copy of the solution for a master file/backup
                2. take your solution and compile it to a runtime and be sure to check the Remove admin access from files permanantly checkbox

                This will remove any ability for an end-user to modify any code or even enter layout mode.


                Note:You can lock down a FMP solution or runtime solution.