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    username/password not working



      username/password not working


      we are using filemaker 8.5 on osx 10.3.9.  the correct username and password are being used, but the dialouge that comes up says that it cant be used to access the file. we are not getting any acccess into filemaker, not even limited access. the default admin and blank password are not working, and we have no idea what to do since the customer support cannot help us with password problems.  if somebody could please give me a hint on which direction i should go with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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          Try recovering the file.


          Launch Filemaker without trying to open your file. Select Recover from your File menu and select the file you want to recover. This process creates a new "recovered" copy of the file. Try opening this copy and see if you can.


          If this allows you to gain access, I strongly recommend that you replace your recovered copy with a back up copy if at all possible. The recover process' main priority is fixing damage to the file so that you can access the data. That way you can export the data into an undamaged back up copy. Other problems with the file may persist after it has been recovered.