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    Users and AutoLogin



      Users and AutoLogin


      Lets say you set up some user accounts to access a FM file. Then you activate the auto-login.


      Do those user accounts previously setup do anything or does the auto-login completely over-ride them? 

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          By "auto-login" you mean specifying an account name/password in file options?


          That approach prevents the file from asking for a password, so any accounts set up with different account names are ignored as the file is always opened with the password specified in File-Options and any privileges associated with that password are always selected.


          If, however, you hold down the option key (mac)/shift key (windows) while opeining the file, this file option is disabled and the file asks for a password in the usual fashion.

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               So if Auto-login is selected (and a username/passphrase is entered) all other accounts can be removed with no consequence?
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              That depends on why you have those accounts and privileges in the first place.


              If all users are going to log on with the same password without exception, then no other accounts are being used to open the database and you can remove them.


              Presumably, you will need to keep at least one full access password so that you can open and modify the database as needed.

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                It's a project I "inherited" that I'm trying to clean up.

                There are users setup, but auto-login is also enabled. Think the person who wrote it was going to have users for each file, until he realized how unmanagable it would become. 

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                  When you work with somebody else's database project, keeping lot's of back up copies of your work becomes even more critical. You may find you need to refer back to earlier copies to help understand what's going on.


                  Using a copy of advanced to generate a database design report would be very valuable also.

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                    Users configured:


                    Autologin Configured:



                    User not logged in as Admin (to the patients file)


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                         Well for patients it seems okay but the other files it seems as though the admin account uses different privilege sets. You may want to double check to make sure that the mlg account that you are removing mimicks the priv set of the admin account if the admin account is the default used when the opens.
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                        privilege sets aren't a big deal right now. Having the individual user accounts over-riding the auto-login, that's a problem. 

                        Right now I'm working with roughtly 36 users at 3 different sites (2 more coming soon) and ~100 FM files.


                        I was thinking that since auto-login was enabled, it overrode the indiviual accounts and I could remove the users, but it's the opposite way. 

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                             you could always just disable the other 'mlg' account. This way you dont have to remove it but they cant use it either.
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                            That was just a test to see how FM worked with accounts.


                            If I remove the accounts that are there now, even with auto-login active, people will lose their privileges previously assigned to their individual users.


                            Can't wait until this db mess is all working in SQL and we drop the FM for a .Net frontend.