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Users being kicked after Cisco ASA Deployment

Question asked by CrazyIvan on Jun 7, 2012
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Users being kicked after Cisco ASA Deployment


Hello all,


I recently had to replace a dead firewall with a Cisco ASA 5505. We are using Filemaker Pro 10 and Filemaker Server IWP to host our databases on a Mac OS X system. Users are accessing the FM databases over the network using Windows XP/7 Pro systems running FM Pro 10. Since the Cisco deployment, users outside of our LAN are able to access the website hosted through IWP (Timekeeping), but internal LAN users cannot access this page. A simple modification to the Cisco using DNS Doctoring will allow the IWP page to be viewed internally, but Filemaker Pro users will start being kicked out of their remote connection until the change is reverted.


What I am asking is, are there known issues like this with FMS/FM Pro on a Cisco network? Are there specific ports I should be opening up to prevent this from happening? Just want to make sure all of my bases are covered. Thank You.