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Users connected by local Filemaker network don't see records in a portal

Question asked by user14360 on Jan 28, 2010
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Users connected by local Filemaker network don't see records in a portal




I've encountered what seems to be a very strange problem.  I'll report it in the bug section if no-one is able to offer a solution - hopefully I'm just missing something obvious.


The basic problem is that I have a layout with two portals on it.  In the second portal, there is the record of an invoice number.  I see this fine on my local copy of the database.  However, when I share this database to another user via the local Filemaker network, another user connected, looking at the same layout and the same record, is unable to see the invoice number record in the portal.


I sent the file to this other user to view locally, and he can view the invoice record fine locally.


I then connected to the database with HIM sharing it, and he could see the invoice record fine, but I couldn't.


I went and checked the relationships and IDs, and checked each respective record to make sure the IDs had entered correctly, and they had.


Both of us have exactly the same access privileges, and none of the relationships are based on the username/account either.  (Just to check, I shared the database locally and got him to login to at as me as well, and the same thing happened - he couldn't see the record.)


The relationships are quite complex, so I'll take a bit of time to write them out, but in the meantime, has anyone come across anything like this?


I can't for the life of me think what it could be. 


Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced, Mac OS X.