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Users Dialling from Terminal Server

Question asked by MattPanton on Apr 17, 2015


Users Dialling from Terminal Server



We have FMPro set up and available to users using thin clients through to our terminal server. When they dial out from clicking the buttons that are set up to make a call, the calls all route through to the phone of the person who first accessed the program that day. So person A logs into FM and is using it normally, person B logs in to FM and makes a call, the call goes out of persons A phone, users are currently copying numbers configured in the database to windows built in dialler but from what I can find on the internet, FM should use TAPI and the built in dialler to ring from, this isnt the case, seeing as when the users dial from Windows dialler, the calls come straight from the persons phone and that persons name is displayed in caller id etc. Meaning that FM is using a different dialler or TAPI service to dial from, can anyone advise where dialling properties can be set and if there is any possibility that there is some setting that allows FM to use Windows dialling properties as the default?