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    Users unable to host shared databases



      Users unable to host shared databases



           I am an IT support professional, and am trying to assist a client that uses FileMaker Pro.  I am not at all familiar with FileMaker Pro myself, as I have never used it or supported it in the past, so I will appreciate any insight you all can give.  

           My clients have a shared database which is stored on a network server.  They have used this database for years with no problems, but for the past few months they have had this problem.  The problem is that the shared file can only be shared if it is first hosted by one particular user.  If anyone else opens the file, it is not shareable.  

           Today, I remote connected to two workstations at the client site, one was the user who is able to share the database (user A), the other was a user who could not (user B).  I found that when the database was open and hosted by user A, user B could see it when using the Remote Open command.  When user B had the database open, the Remote Open command showed her PC to user A as though it were available, but there were no databases to open.

           I checked the File Sharing settings on the database from both computers, and could see no difference in the settings. Both users were using administrative accounts in FileMakerPro, so there were no differences there either.  

           My clients are using FileMaker Pro 10.  

           I have already looked at all of the steps in several FileMaker online documents, but as I said I am unfamiliar with FMP, so I may well have overlooked something.  Any help appreciated! 

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               Stored on a network server . . . is the db hosted by FileMaker Server?

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                 Compare what you have set up currently to the recommended configuration for hosting a FileMaker Database.

                 On the Server computer, the file should be opened by FileMaker Pro with sharing enabled or with FileMaker server. The application that opens the file for hosting should be installed on the server hardware.

                 All clients then launch their copy of FileMaker Pro and use Open Remote to find and open the database file.

                 It sounds like you have a file in a shared directory on the server and the first client to open the machine with FileMaker Pro then becomes the host of the file. Not only is this not the recommended way to host a FileMaker Database, it can result in a damaged database file.

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                   Thank you both for your responses.

                   Phil, you have it exactly right  - the database file is in a shared directory on the server, and the expectation my clients had was that whoever was first to the file should be able to open it and become the host.  They are not running FileMaker Server on the server, they are simply using a shared folder to store the files where they can be accessed by everyone.  

                   I will reach out to my clients and let them know that the way they've always used this database is not recommended, and see if we can get FileMaker Pro installed on the server and running as the host.  

                   I'll let you know how it all works out.

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                     I suggest that you have them run a recover on this file to check it for damage.

                     And what I posted does not explain why one client could access the file and another couldn't.

                     With older versions of FileMaker, sometimes there is an issue with the .PEM files on that computer. If this might be the case..

                     For More Information see:

                     Windows:    FMP installer does not install server.pem file
                     Macs: Can't login to FMS database on new Mac, other Macs can

                     This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

                     It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt09b82i0xijbu3/FMP%20Bugs.zip