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Users unable to host shared databases

Question asked by MichaelPope_1 on Aug 6, 2014
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Users unable to host shared databases



     I am an IT support professional, and am trying to assist a client that uses FileMaker Pro.  I am not at all familiar with FileMaker Pro myself, as I have never used it or supported it in the past, so I will appreciate any insight you all can give.  

     My clients have a shared database which is stored on a network server.  They have used this database for years with no problems, but for the past few months they have had this problem.  The problem is that the shared file can only be shared if it is first hosted by one particular user.  If anyone else opens the file, it is not shareable.  

     Today, I remote connected to two workstations at the client site, one was the user who is able to share the database (user A), the other was a user who could not (user B).  I found that when the database was open and hosted by user A, user B could see it when using the Remote Open command.  When user B had the database open, the Remote Open command showed her PC to user A as though it were available, but there were no databases to open.

     I checked the File Sharing settings on the database from both computers, and could see no difference in the settings. Both users were using administrative accounts in FileMakerPro, so there were no differences there either.  

     My clients are using FileMaker Pro 10.  

     I have already looked at all of the steps in several FileMaker online documents, but as I said I am unfamiliar with FMP, so I may well have overlooked something.  Any help appreciated!