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Usinbg "sub-summary when sorted by" in portals, or other suggestions

Question asked by JoeBuratti on Mar 2, 2014
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Usinbg "sub-summary when sorted by" in portals, or other suggestions


     I have a solution taken straight from the sample Estimates solution, with slight modifications.  What I need to create is a side-by-side layout of all estimates created with a list of all estimates with an "inquiry" status on one side and all with "Hired" status on the other. 

     I figured creating a new layout and placing 2 portals side-by-side in it with one showing hires and the other showing inquiries would accomplish this, however I am having trouble formatting this.  What I ultimately want is to be able to group each portals list by month. 

     To back up a minute, I have already created this list with proper grouping using "sub-summary when sorted by" and it displays my master list of estimates first grouped by inquiry or hire and then grouped by month, with totals for each afterward.  This is exactly what I need, however this list is one master list top to bottom.  If I want to compare inquiries to hires for a particular month I have to keep scrolling up and down to compare.  What I need is this exact list and layout (meaning monthly headers and totals) but have all inquiries on one side/list/portal and hires on the other.

     Like I said I have created a layout that can display the hires in one portal and inquiries in the other, but I cant figure out how to group and subtotal by month in each portal.  Also, in my master top to bottom list I already created I added a date range search to the header.  I would also like this to be included in my side-by-side layout.  How would I incorporate this "filter" when dealing with portals.

     An example of the layout I am looking for is as follows:

     Portal1:                                                                  Portal2:

Inquiries                                                                 Hires

January                                                                  January

           Estimate1                                                              Estimate2

           Estimate3                                                              Estimate4

     January Total   $xxx.xx                                          January Total   $xx.xx

February                                                                 February

         Estimate5                                                                Estimate6


     February Total   $xx.xx                                         February Total   $xx.xx

     Total Inquiries $xx.xx                                            Total Hires   $xx.xx


     Any suggestion on how to accomplish this?