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    Using "Find" for e-mails has issue with @



      Using "Find" for e-mails has issue with @


      I'm using FM 9.0v3 on a Mac.

      Just searched for an account via e-mail address and it said, "No record could be found."  However, the record is there.  I did some testing and even created an account with just an @ as an e-mail.  FM won't find it?  In fact, FM won't find any address because of the @.

      What am I doing wrong or how can I work around this?  I was counting on the e-mail field being a unique feature to look up clients that e-mail me.

      Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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          Try searching for "@" with the double quotes.




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            I find the best way is to use a special-purpose script for finding email addresses.  It's too much to expect the average user to enclose their search requests with quote marks.

            #Allows the user to not have to worry about the @ symbol in email addresses acting as a wild card in Finds 

            Enter Find Mode [  ] 

            Show Custom Dialog [ Title: Get(ScriptName); Message: "Paste the email address you want to find into the text box…"; Buttons: 

            “Find”; Input #1: OWN—contacts::email ] 

            If [ IsEmpty(OWN—contacts::email) ] 

            #Cancel if nothing entered 

            Enter Browse Mode 

            Exit Script [  ] 


            #Email address provided - put quotes around it so FileMaker can find it easily 

            Set Field [ OWN—contacts::email; "\"" & OWN—contacts::email & "\"" ] 

            Perform Find [  ] 

            End If

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              Thanks Nick and Matt!  I ended up doing the script and tying it to a button "Find Email".  I really appreciate your help.  That issue really threw me after designing the database for hours.