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    Using "Find" with a Container Field



      Using "Find" with a Container Field


           I would like to search may database using a container field. The results of the search will create a group of records that have photo in the photo field. Is this possible?



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               How would you specify the criteria for this search?

               Would you enter a name for the photo?

               Insert a copy of the photo?

               Rather than have multiple copies of the same photo in the container field of different records, it would be much better to insert that image file into one container field of one record and then use a relationship to link it to all records in a related table that need to refer to that photo. In which case, the relationship between these two tables can be used to bring up all the records that refer to it.

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                 I'm trying to find records in the database that contain a photo (any photo). I have a lot of records with empty fields and want to find just the record in which that field has been populated.

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                   See if this works:

                   Set up a calculation field that returns text. Put the name of your container field in that calcualtion expression as the sole term in the expression.

                   Put that field on a layout, enter layout mode and put a lone * in this field.

                   It should find all records where the container field is not empty except, perhaps any that contain an embedded object.