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Using "Hide object when"

Question asked by MikeWile on Jul 23, 2015
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Using "Hide object when"


I’m trying to hide an object on a layout. I have a field that stores the AccountPrivilegeSetName (g_APSN) and one that stores a global field that holds an email address (g_UserEmail).

I’m trying to hide it when the account privilege is not equal to [Full Access] or g_UserEmail is not Name1 or Name 2.

I’ve tried “g_APSN ≠ “[Full Access]” and (g_UserEmail ≠Name1 or g_UserEmail ≠ Name2)”. I’ve tried other combinations, as well, such as using “not” and changing ≠ to = but it doesn’t hide. It only works when I use one of the parameters. What am I doing wrong?