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Using "OR" operator with the "case" function

Question asked by BuchiOgbuagu on Jun 24, 2014
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Using "OR" operator with the "case" function


     Hi all,


     I am trying to create a new calculation field using information from an existing field but every time I input the calculation, it comes back blank.

     Any number of options can be checked off in the check box set but I would like to use only a few of them for the calculation.The calculation I have tried is below;

     Case (
     Type of Anesthesia Performed = "General Anesthesia";"GA" or
     Type of Anesthesia Performed = "Inhalational (+/- intravenous)"; "GA" or
     Type of Anesthesia Performed = "TIVA"; "GA";
     Type of Anesthesia Performed = "Regional Anesthesia"; "Regional";
     Type of Anesthesia Performed = "Local Anesthesia"; "Regional"
     Any ideas on how to get around this?