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Using "post" function

Question asked by gunnerstudio on Dec 5, 2009


Using "post" function


Hi all great filemaker programmers.


Im stucked with a problem for days. i would like to use the post command as a script inside of filemaker 10 pro adv windows.

i got a java paint program using webviewer, that got a save button using html and the "post" function.


I would like to create a 1 script that uses the post function and a script that uploads the image saved into a container field.


At my current version the user has to save twice. 


1. Saving the image inside webviewer, to a localhost.

2. Uploading the image to a container field. as a referance or as a file.


I would like make it simpler for the user, so when they press continue the image are saved as stored correctly. the image file can be unique (imagexxxx.png) or image.png. 


I have tried several function but no luck. I have had a look at 360 script master post to url. but couldnt get it to work.  

other function I have tried is entering this one as script step "set webviewer."

<html><body>< form method=\"post\" action=\"save.php\">

<input type=\"text\" name=\"image\"> </form>




< form method="post" action="save.php">

<input type="text" name="image"> </form>




<script language="JavaScript"><!--


// This function is called when the user presses the from button "Save".

// It assign the image data to the hidden form field "image".

function attachImage() {


    var painter = document.applets["painter"];


    if (painter.isChanged()) {

        var save_options = 'format:PNG';

        var image = painter.getImage(save_options);

        painter.showProgress("Saving the image ...");

if (image != "") {

            document.saveform.image.value = image;

        return true;


else {


   window.alert("Error while extracting image.\nProbably incorrect license.");



    else {

     window.alert('Image was not changed. There is nothing to save');


    return false;


// --></script> 


any help would be appreciated!


Kind Regards