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Using "Set Field" in Portals

Question asked by Stevehou on Nov 23, 2011
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Using "Set Field" in Portals


 I have three tables: 1) Youth, 2) Events and 3) List (all events a youth is signed up for)

My layout is "Showing Records from" the Youth Table and it has two portals on it: 1) Events and 2) List

I have a script that works most of the time but oddly not allways.  My script copies an "Eevent serial number" field from the EEvent portal to the "LList serial number" in the Llist Portal (last record), The paste goes into the last record (an empty one causing a look up).

Most of the time the copy paste works - others it doesn't.  Actually if I manually go into the "Eevent serial number" field and manually copy it, it will sometimes not manually paste into the "Llist serial number" field - though the "Eevent serial number" is on the clipboard and can be pasted in i.e., Word.

I have read the forum and am thinking "Set Field" is the beginning of a fix BUT, how do I direct the script to copy from the proper "Eevent serial number" row/record and how do I direct the script to "Set Field" into the last (empty) row in the "Llist serial number" portal?

Thanks ANYONE!  I've spent days and really am stuck!