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    Using "Value Count" in a script



      Using "Value Count" in a script


      I have a field on a settings menu in which the user can insert up to three items which will become part of a Value List.  It works fine.


      However, I am trying to limit the user to just three items.  I have a triggered script on field exit that I thought would work  that would use the Value Count function as that would count the number of lines on the script and would then display a Custom Dialog if the limit had been exceeded and then revert the field.


      But, I cannot figure out how to set the Value Count string properly.  FMP Help shows an example of:


      ValueCount (“Item 1¶Item 2¶Item 3”)


      But does that mean that the term Item1, etc., must be entered in the script?  If so, it doesn't work.


      I also tried entering in a number:  ValueCount ( 3 ).  That does not work.


      I also tried it with wildcards:  ValueCount (“*¶*¶*”), but that does not work.


      By not working, I mean that the script shows the value count exceeded no matter what is entered into the field.  I also presume this can be done by field validation, but I would prefer my own Custom Dialog to instruct the user of where to go for help.


      The script is, roughly:


      If [Admin::ValueList1Settings > ValueCount ( 3 )]

          Show Custom Dialog

          Revert Record/Request [No dialog]

      End If


      There are no posts on this forum that discuss the Value Count function, so I presume it's not used much.


      Any ideas?