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Using 'Evaluate' across remote tables

Question asked by tays01s on Jun 28, 2015
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Using 'Evaluate' across remote tables


I have several 1 to many relationships from Calc <

- IO

- Reqs_a

- Reqs_b etc.

Within IO I need to do various 'Evaluate' calcs using data found in the Reqs_a, b, etc tables. These tables are related to Calc by age & sex.

Q: I'm wondering whether I should go for complex ESQL calcs in IO calculation fields or should I first Evaluate Req_a, b etc on Calc, then Evaluate the values on Calc, within IO? Or might there be a way to more intelligently use reletionships to do simple, nested evaluations in IO, without using ESQL or 'intermediate' Calc fields?